Last update 3/21/18


Although AFOC may have puppies and kittens available for adoption, we encourage all potential adopters to consider the rewards of adopting an adult animal. Many young adult animals are full of energy and youthfulness yet beyond the early stages of housebreaking and chewing. Many middle age animals can provide wonderful companionship without the demands of early training. Evidence shows that adult animals are able to bond with a new adoptive family that provides a secure, loving environment. Some adjustment is always needed when a pet is taken to a new home, but can be facilitated by knowing the animal may be already house trained, respects certain rules and may even be happy to demonstrate the tricks it learned in its previous home. Discovering these little personality traits can be so much fun and ever so rewarding. Adopters are encouraged to speak to AFOC about the availability of adult animals. Our number is 860-827-0381.


Joe was a stray who wandered into the home of a Canton resident who began feeding him in the spring of 2011. Soon after, the woman noticed he was limping and appeared to be hurt. She contacted Animal Friends of Connecticut, which came and rescued Joe. He received good medical care at the veterinary clinic and now is healthy. He has been with us since and we believe he is about 6 1/2 years old. Joe is a very frightened cat, but has become very friendly with the volunteers after we changed his room. We realized Joe likes to be in a room with one or two cats. If he is adopted he would do well with in a cat household.

Curtis is a wonderful fellow who welcomes any new cats in his room and makes them feel at home. He also was very frightened when he arrived. Though interactions with the volunteers he has shown to be a wonderful fellow who really deserves a home. Curtis has formed a bond with the other cats in the room. We feel for Curtis to be happy we would ask that one of his roommates be also adopted at the same time.

If you would like to tell us about how you and your adopted friend are doing just e-mail us at


When she first came she was so frightened but believe it or not Curtis helped her calm down and now she welcomes attention from the volunteers. She just needs a little time to trust.

If interested in adopting you must call 860-827-0381 for a phone interview.

All our shelter resident are spayed or neutered and up to date with shots.

Nicki0154 copy
Curtis0223 copy copy

Bella is a shy girl who will be your best friend once she trusts you. She is about  4 years old and really has nice colors. Bella needs someone who will let her blossom into a wonderful companion.

     When Gaston first came to the shelter he was a friendly fellow. As time went on during his stay he changed. He could not get along with the male cats and some male volunteers. He was separated but finding him a roommate was difficult. Finally it was determined that a mild tempered female calmed him down. He would do better with an experienced adopter. He is a handsome fellow and we are hoping that his someone special comes along. 

Bella0245 copy

       Persimmons can to us in the winter of 2014- 2015. She was so afraid like the rest of her litter that would hide as soon as someone entered the room.  That litter is still at the shelter, but Persimmons is now letting people pet her and has finally become comfortable with the volunteers. If you are interested in Persimmons we would recommend a few visits before any decision is made on adopting her. She is worth the wait.


Hamlet0426 copy

    Hamlet is a little shy, but after a little introduction is friendly and very playful. He likes the ladies but sometimes doesn't like male competition.

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Raven is a pretty 3 year old female. Her favorite thing to do is play with ping pong balls. She is friendly and is waiting for a home. Call 860-489-4901.

Harry1024 copy

Harry relaxing at the shelter..
Harry is a handsome adult male who was found in a cemetery with a female companion, who has since been adopted. 
He is playful with beautiful green eyes and a soft coat. Gets along with mild mannered cats. Up to date with shots and neutered. Call 860-489-4901 for more information.

Annie1008 copy

Annie is a adult cat who's owner was too ill to give her the care she needed. She is a very pretty tortoiseshell who is very friendly. When you stop petting her or giving her treats she becomes vocal for more. She would love a home. If interested call 860-489-4901.

Meet Big Boy! A friendly fellow who probably was abandoned because he was already neutured. Even though it was thought he was in a cat colony a volunteer noticed he was constanly trying to get into their enclosed porch. He probably was unsure at first so the effort to catch him at first was unsuccessful. With a successful rescue he was Vet checked is now at the shelter. He is has a mellow personality and is doing well with his litter retraining

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Lincoln was born around June 2017. He is a handsome male who is still very much a kitten. He is so friendly and playful that he is easily entertained and totally enjoys it. He loves attention and is very affectionate. Because he is very curious will try to escape if given the chance. He is looking for a loving home and in return they will get a wonderful trusting four legged friend. 

Casey1055 copy

Casey is a super friendly 8 year old Calico who is looking for a permanent home.