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  • We purchased our shelter 15 years ago and now our shelter is now in need of some upgrades. We are asking for additional funds to complete this process. PLEASE  DONATE SO WE CAN CONTINUE OUR WORK.

"The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing." Albert Einstein

Animal Friends of Connecticut is looking to interview for the position of Shelter Coordinator.

If interested please call 860-827-0381 for more information.

Chance (right) and Sonny have been rescued from the same area in Hartford. AFOC is concerned because both have been physically abused. Any info please call 860-827-0381.

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Sonny had a life threatening cut in this neck.

Chance’s injuries were so severe that he had to have reconstruction surgery on his face.

Current Success Stories


Gideon &Gina are siblings who came to us in early spring of 2014. They were so close that we were asking they be adopted together. Their wish came true and they now share a good home.



Betsy and Dottie have been waiting for a home for a long time. Betsy came in Feb. 2011 and Dottie in Jan. 2012. Their wait is finally over. You deserve it girls. We are so happy for you girls!


Shelter Volunteers Needed.

We are looking for new volunteers to help out at our New Britain shelter. If you are available for a few hours during the morning and want to help take care of the many cats in our charge please call 860-827-0381 or e-mail to arrange for an interview. Volunteer positions may be for just one day a week or several days depending on your schedule. Just let us know what day(s) you would like to volunteer and we will work with you and your schedule. You will find it very rewarding and the animals need you now.

Volunteer Application


To print adoption form click here.

Foster Homes are desperately needed for more info. call 860-827-0381

Our greatest need is fostering mothers who are nursing.

This is what can happen to free animals. Tragic.

Quote from a dog fighter

“The hardest thing is to get enough dogs and cats for baiting. One good source is the local newspaper that offer a cat or dog for free. My wife dresses up neatly and collects them for me. If that source is running dry we just hire local gang kids to fetch dogs and cats. They scour the backyards and alleys and take whatever number we need. They make sure they leave the doors or gates open so people just believe they accidentally left them unlatched and that’s how their animals got out and got lost.

Contact us by e-mail.

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Can you guess which cat this is?   Answer

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